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ARC-MET 8000 MobileLab Portable SpectrometerThis portable spectrometer is ideal for PMI and can  determine all elements in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel. It can be used to analyze Ferrous  and Non Ferrous materials including Nickel, Cobalt Aluminum and Copper base alloys along with          Carbon. Low Alloy and Stainless Steels. Separate calibration will be provided for each matrix. Thus       this is a very precise instrument and can be used in lab as well as field. It uses Argon Gas for Ferrous      samples where determination of elements like C, S, P and Si is essential to determine exact grade. The    test surface requirement however is a flat surface of about 20mm dia which may be a limitation in some  cases. It can analyze elements including Fe, C, Si, Mn, Cr, Mo, Ni, Al, Co, Cu, Nb, Ti, V, W, Pb, and  Zr. 

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